SMS/Text Frequently Asked Questions

What is text message or SMS?

SMS or text message is an alphanumeric message that you can send or receive on your cellular phone. Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to inform someone without disturbing her/him. On average,  Canadians send over 30 million SMS text messages everyday.

I'm a little behind the times, how can I learn to text?
Each phone has a different process to open the text messaging and write a message, don't hesitate to check your handset user guide, or visit your wireless carrier's web site. Telus, SaskTel, Aliant, Bell, Fido, MTS, Telebec, Koodo, Rogers, Videotron, Virgin, Wind, etc.

What is a shortcode?
It is a 5-6 digits number used by companies instead of the regular 10 digits number. They are easier to remember, and works with all wireless carriers. For example, to send a message to text-to-win.ca, you have to use the short code 77677 as destination telephone number. In plain English, type in your message and then send it to 77677.

Who will see my messages?
The contest or text campaign managers will see your as well as your message will be processed by our contest application. Message will be read all messages sent to us and reply as soon as we can.

How often can I send text message?
There is no limitation, you can text as often as you want. Contest rules may apply and your text entries may be limited. Please see the contest rules for additional information.

Which communication companies offer the service?
All the major wireless carriers in Canada offer the service through common short code initiative.

How much does it cost to send a text message?
Costs may vary per contest. Please see the contest rules for additional information. Typically text messages sent to 77677 are billed $1.00/message by your wireless carrier directly on your phone bill.

What do we do with the collected information?
By participating in text-to-win.ca mobile services, you accept to receive information about our contests and its advertising partners.

How can I contact you if I need help?
Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for any mobile services questions and customer service.