Mobile Coupons

Brands and retailers are increasingly looking towards mobile couponing and affiliate marketing initiatives to drive sales and increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty.  Mobile coupons and promotions are not only an effective sales driver but the mobile channel a new opportunity to offer these incentives to the consumer on the go.  According to a 2009 study by Jupiter Research it is estimated that mobile coupon redemption revenues will hit $6 billion by 2014.

The Mobile Coupon Options are Limitless

Mobile coupons can be used in different ways - for special offers, incentives, attractive joint promotions, discounts or anything else that traditional printed coupons provide. Mobile coupons have advantages over traditional paper coupons as they can be tailored to the needs of specific consumers. Further, they are less costly, enable real-time distribution and permit brands to add location-targeting.

Our coupon & affiliate marketing solutions may include:

  • Mobile Coupons: A coupon is sent directly to the consumer’s phone as a text message (SMS) or multi-media message (MMS). The coupon can then be displayed by the consumer, at check out, for redemption.
  • POS Integration: Scanners can be used to decode the mobile discount coupon from the phone’s screen and then validated/verified against the retailers and/or vendors database to validate.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty programs can optimize a consumer’s experience in store and can be developed to include points, rewards, or other incentives to drive repeat business and consumer satisfaction.

And so much more…scenarios are limited only by your imagination.

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